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August 10, 2017

Our Newzbee service is for our public relations partners in need of a quick-turn, budget-friendly online press kit and event-driven microsites.

We provide custom microsites for your projects giving you the flexibility to share, pitch and keep your media contacts updated with the latest on your activities and newsworthy events. 

Sometimes called a multimedia news release, online press kit or digital press kit, this custom 1-2 page microsite becomes your own. It’s an online place for your press release, images, infographics and download materials to live which makes it easier for your press contacts to pull and use the information.

Sometimes your budget (or time) doesn’t allow for you to use PRNewswire or Cision.

Newzbee is the answer.

How Newzbee works.

Your customized, responsive website will live at and can be up and running within a day upon receipt of materials (copy, images, and any downloads). No hosting or domain names to worry about. Just tag on to the Newzbee name and you’ve got yourself a client and media-ready professional site within hours.

You take the link and share it out with your media list. As details change, we make the edits within minutes with no additional charge.

All samples, options and details are at:

Why Newzbee?

  • You need an online presence for your video, photos, press release, social media activity and updates.
  • You need a quick, custom online presence for your project and campaign.
  • You want to be able to update content post-event or even in real-time.
  • You need an easy link to send to media contacts to share and download materials.
  • You want the flexibility to add pages, add event RSVP management and customized materials.
  • You want to be able to text, email or call-in updates on the fly.

What’s the difference between Newzbee and PR Newswire?

  • PRNewswire also provides distribution. Newzbee does not. We build it. You pitch it.
  • PRNewswire charges per edit. Newzbee does not. Your edits are unlimited at a flat and established fee.
  • Newzbee is direct with our team. Email, call or text and we’ll be ready to update within minutes.
  • PRNewswire provides a template. Newzbee provides a custom design.

Contact us today to talk about your project.

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