Social Media Trends that You Should Know

July 18, 2023

Social media trends are an ever-evolving cycle. If you don’t jump on them right away you are behind. Some trends last longer than others or are prioritized by the specific platform’s algorithm while others last only a week or two. Here are the most recent trends on a few of our favorite platforms.


Photo Dumps: This has been a trend that began in early 2023. This trend is a personal favorite as it took Instagram photos from being posed and super thought out to casual- almost scrapbook-like. Users compile up to 10 photos over the course of a few days or months. This gives their audience a snapshot of their life- meals they’ve had, places they visited, funny moments with friends, etc. in one go. This format is particularly popular for summarizing a set of related images or telling a story through visuals without overwhelming followers’ feeds with a flurry of separate posts.

Instagram Reels: In response to the surge in popularity of TikTok, Instagram released Reels – a way for users to post short videos. Influencers have capitalized on this by creating content and posting it on both platforms. These videos can be about recipes, fashion trends, pranks, or anything else that will catch viewers’ attention. Instagram prioritizes these reels within its algorithm as they attempt to compete with TikTok’s success.

Authenticity and Vulnerability: This isn’t a new trend for influencers but it has become more popular with big brands on Instagram. Sharing authentic and vulnerable content has continued to grow. Influencers and users alike began opening up about their struggles, failures, and personal experiences, fostering deeper connections with their followers. Brands have begun making content that also appeals more to the public, making more organic content and event taking their followers behind the scenes of creating their products.


Get Ready with Me videos: This is a type of content where the creator takes viewers through their process of getting ready for a particular event, occasion, or simply for the day. In these videos, creators typically start with little to no makeup or styling, and then they document each step of their transformation, including applying makeup, styling hair, choosing an outfit, and sometimes even adding accessories. In these videos the creators talk about their life, as if you are facetiming a friend. Alix Earle is a creator that went incredibly viral off of this trend, gaining over 2 million followers in less than a month.

Skits: A short, creative, and often humorous video that presents a brief scenario, story, or concept using acting, and dialogue. The most popular ones are people that work in the service industry acting out scenarios with difficult customers and other funny events.

Live Streaming: Live Streaming is a feature that allows TikTok users to broadcast live video content in real-time to their followers and engage with them through live comments, likes, gifts, and interactions. Some creators will go live to just chat with their followers while others do ASMR and more niche content. More recently TikTok has been prioritizing live streaming and as a result allow their creators to make money depending on how many viewers they have in a stream along with the viewers being able to give “gifts” to the creator that are often a form of currency. Currently, the top ASMR livestreamers are making around $40,000 a month just by going live.


Authenticity: It is essential to be genuine on LinkedIn in order to gain trust, credibility and develop strong connections with your followers. Showcasing who you truly are, telling personal stories and providing unique perspectives will make your profile stand out from other professionals. Authenticity creates an atmosphere for those of similar interests or backgrounds, encourages audience engagement while also showcasing one’s personal brand – leading to more meaningful interactions which can help build up a good reputation within the network as well as have positive influence over others.

Personal branding: In today’s competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to have a strong personal brand. LinkedIn is a great place to build your personal brand, and there is a lot of content on the platform that can help you do this. Building a personal brand is essential because it allows you to shape how you are perceived by colleagues, employers, potential clients, and your industry peers. Your personal brand is a reflection of your unique skills, expertise, values, and professional journey.