Video Production

Video storytelling

Our team works with you to find the best video storytelling method to help you reach your communication goals. Whether we capture footage in person when safety allows or if we're working with video conferencing recordings and stock footage, we have options and will coach you through it. People are consuming video at the highest rate in history. Don't miss out on delivering information in a way your audience wants to consume it.

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See the showcase of our video projects below

Video Production

St. Louis Ambush Game Day Entertainment

March Hype Video

The lights come down, the players are standing ready in the tunnel and the big screen lights up. On screen, you'll find the latest hype video to get fans and players energized. The Fierce team captured the footage and edited the final cut throughout the 2022 season.

Media Now YouTube Ad Spot

This 15-second video ad on YouTube captures the energy of a summer camp for high school journalists. The best part? It reached over 40,000 people.

BPA National Home Performance Conference Promo Video

Building Performance Association (BPA)

After two years of gathering virtually, BPA hosted their national conference in person in 2022. For use on social, in emails, paid ads and a few additional places, we put together a highlight video to showcase the can't-miss conference experience and the destination.

DHR Brand Launch

Video tells stories with a long history while keeping the audience engaged. From the founding of their company to where they stand today, this video tells the story of DHR's rebrand.

Media Now Online

Media Now Summer Camp for High School Journalists

We filmed an informational video with Media Now camp co-director, Aaron Manfull, to break down what attendees can expect from the online conference. Online resources, networking, journalism insights and ways to level up journalism programs.

Video Post-Production

PCA EXPO Promotion

Painting Contractors Association

Working with provided footage from their archives we developed a series of video promotions to support our 10-week push to attend their annual conference.

MoveWright Every Step

Wright Medical

For our MoveWright client, we work to find new ways of connecting the audience to their message of pain solutions in a series of social media posts.


Wright Medical

We continue to use branded elements of footage style, color and movement to create consistency of brand across their platform.

By combining provided graphics along with meaninful footage, we helped Wright Medical re-introduce their highly-regarded procedure with a fresh but familiar spin.

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