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When we approach your brand, we're looking at it holistically. The 360-degree view of your brand helps create the correct activations to get you the results you seek. We offer email marketing, content creation and strategy, organic and paid social strategies, blog writing and website opt-ins, video and event marketing - and the tracking and reporting to inform our next moves. Want to tell us what you've got going on? We'd love to hear it. We'll bring the best possible solutions for the greatest outcome.

Building Performance Association email samples on a phone in the background with the text, "33% lifetime open rate, 6% lifetime click rate"

Email Marketing that Works

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing tools for the Building Performance Association. It's where we can own the conversation and boost relevant content for our members in the most direct way. With the full website of resources and offerings supporting the efforts, we've seen a 33% open rate, 6% engagement rate when running weekly emails with audience-specific conversations for contractors, non-contractors, members and industry supporters. Our success is amplified by sending segmented messages, removing inactive subscribers and providing clear calls to action.

Search Ads that Drive Sales

Show up where your audience is searching with the right message, delivered at the right time. We have found great success in driving leads for our Yoderbilt Greenhouse & Outdoor Living client using a mix of video, static display, motion and text ads. Our custom landing pages are seeing 31% increase of traffic* since the new website launched on April 11 of this year. The primary goal of our search ads is to bring in leads for Yoderbilt. Since the launch of the new site, our optimized landing pages have delivered a 189% increase in leads coming in. That translates to over 46 leads per day, as compared to 16 before the site launched. 

*March 2024 vs April 2024

Sample of a Google ad report for Yoderbilt Greenhouses. Ad performance and lead numbers are displayed. The highlighted text on the graphic reads, "31% increase in traffic since web launch, delivering 189% increase in sales leads"

LinkedIn Engagement & Growth

On a quest to build their LinkedIn presence and influence in the EV fleet and energy grid space for EV Realty, we are not only maximizing their newly created website, but we're supporting PR efforts with paid brand awareness and lead generation driving ad campaigns. We have concentrated our ads geographically on EV-related conferences with related experiences. In recent months, the event count grew by an impressive 40.6%, which indicates a significant increase in user interactions on the site in 2024. This growth is further amplified by a 45.4% jump in overall views, suggesting a rising audience interest.

From just a few short months of activity, results have included a
increase in impressions for the LinkedIn account, helping us achieve our goal of increasing followers.
A group of basketball players. The player in the front is jumping and holding the ball in the air. Text on the image reads, "41% lead increase over 4 months"

Quality Leads Drive Business

Creating quality leads is a challenge for every business. Through creative strategy and execution we work to mine out leads on LinkedIn for our clients. Through optimization of specific landing pages we answer the pain points of our audience. With our targeted work, we've driven a 41% increase in leads* for our facilities property management client over the past four months. Furthermore, the Google Ads landing pages developed by our team have seen a significant 295% increase in user engagement compared to the previous year.

*January - April 2024 vs August - December 2023