AI Meets Creativity: The Rise of AI Voice Generation

August 25, 2023

AI voice generation is a new tool that has been emerging in creative spaces all over the internet. The software has the ability to analyze 30 seconds or more of previously recorded voices, create a profile and generate new audio of the existing voices saying whatever you’d like them to say. For a video producer working at an agency, this opportunity feels like a breath of fresh air.

Oftentimes, our clients are located across the country in completely different markets. Getting high-quality content, either video or audio, means planning an expensive trip with our team or finding a creator near our client to create the assets needed. With so many moving pieces, ensuring the quality of the end product is never guaranteed.

From our perspective, we see AI voice generation as an opportunity to create more content more quickly than ever before. From crafting scripts on frequently asked questions to new brand pieces with custom voiceovers, we can create fresh content without the hassle and limitations of traditional sound recording. This option has changed our content workflow, ideation, and creation process.

However, with this flexibility, we recognize there is a large amount of responsibility. As an agency, we recognize the growing concerns, and importance, of keeping art as a way for people to communicate with one another and are careful to utilize this software as a bridge between us and our clients who are busy running their own businesses.

We value the creative work and skills found all around us, and will always choose to collaborate with our fellow artists when the budget and time allows. However, we’re excited to see how we can utilize this software moving forward and how we can continue to utilize these opportunities ethically.