How to Work from Home Efficiently

July 26, 2019

Working from home comes with some amazing perks, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Staying motivated and focused can be a troubling task in an environment that’s not your traditional workspace. As an office that works from home one day a week, our team gave their best quick tips for working from home efficiently.

Talk it Out

Our visual media producer, Becca, starts prepping for her work from home day by working on collaborative pieces during her in-office days. This way, she is face-to-face with the team when she needs to communicate new ideas. When she’s at home, she focuses on projects that she can work on independently and that need more concentrated focus.

Check it Off

Our digital strategist, Tanner, always makes sure he has a to-do list and timeline set and ready for his work from home day. This helps line up tasks that require more focus. Once the list is ready to go, distractions will be limited since you have a complete outline of how your day will go.

Design a Space

Once you’ve got your timeline and in-office prep complete, our graphic designer, Megan, recommends setting up a permanent workspace at home. This go-to space will set your brain in work mode, just as it would be in the office.

Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up

When the day arrives, don’t treat your work from home day like an off day. Our graphic associate designer, Emily W., suggests getting up and getting ready as if you’re heading into a normal in-office workday. You may not need to complete your entire routine, but be sure to get dressed and ready so you feel motivated and energized.

Create an Illusion

Once you’re set up and ready to work, our lead designer, Emily L., likes to keep herself on task by playing her go-to Netflix show, The Office, in the background. Consistent background noise can keep you focused and lessen the chance of your brain wandering off in the silence. What better way to simulate being in the office than to watch The Office?

Working from home is a nice change of scenery for your week. Instead of getting frustrated trying to stay on task, use these tips to make work from home days a time where you can give concentrated focus to independent projects with no distractions.