Keep the Social Media Content Flowing

August 13, 2019

Social media sites are hungry for content, and millions of creators are consistently providing updates for their networks. It’s easy to fall a little behind when you start to feel a bit burnt out on content ideas. Here are some ways to continuously develop new content and keep your channels fresh.

Switch it up by posting on your story.

If you don’t have time to sit down and draft a full Instagram or Facebook post, just keep it simple and utilize the story feature. Stories are generally seen as a more informal environment to provide in the moment content. Try documenting what is happening that day or providing a behind the scenes look on your story!

Feature your team.

Your team is a huge part of your brand. Talk about the faces behind your amazing work! Spotlighting the people who work at your organization is a simple way to tell your story and help connect your audience with your internal team.

Start a weekly segment.

Have trouble posting consistently? Make sure you’re continuously sharing content by starting a weekly segment. A segment could be anything from a series of how-to videos to weekly office moments and product features. Make sure the topic connects with your audience, then keep the content rolling week after week.

Capture individual moments.

Some of the most sharable moments come from unexpected situations. Whenever something fun happens, don’t forget to document it. Pull out your phone, snap a quick photo or video and get it posted!

Create teasers.

Have a new post or launch ready to go? Don’t post the full story quite yet! Tell your audience what’s coming up with a quick look. This keeps your audience interested and will bring them back to see the full thing.

Teach your followers.

Let your followers leave your page knowing something new. Teach them about things your brand does or provide some applicable tips. Make use of how-to graphics, video content and tutorials when sharing new ideas.

Start with your local area.

Along with promoting your own brand, make sure you promote your location as well. Share out community events happening near your business or collaborate with other businesses near you on promotions and posts. This will build your local reach and keep your brand top of mind for people in your own community.

Social media moves quickly and the only way to keep up is by publishing consistently. Step back and take a look at your content, then add in some of these recommendations to keep the content flowing.