How to Stop the Scroll on Social Media

September 27, 2019

Sharing video content on social media is one of the top ways to introduce new content and keep your audience engaged. But how can you get your followers to stop scrolling and actually watch your content? On platforms like Instagram, it can be tricky to get eyes on your videos for more than just a few seconds. We have some tips to capture attention and maintain interest with your social media video content. It all starts with identifying a problem your audience has.

Start with a fact, quote or compelling image to communicate the problem. The first impression and the first few seconds should immediately describe the problem to your audience. Whether your tone is meant to be relatable or educational, sharing the problem is what will keep people on your post to watch for the solution. When a person recognizes a problem, they inherently want to understand the solution.

Show how the person watching the video may experience the issue. This doesn’t have to be done directly. This may be done as a character in a sketch living through a relatable moment or it could be shown in b-roll for a documentary that highlights how these problems materialize in our everyday lives. Connecting the problem to the viewer is how you create a long-lasting effect from the video you post. Once the audience sees themselves in the situation or empathizes with a moment, you’ve made a personal connection between you and the viewer.

Convert views into the goals you want to see. Once you’ve gotten your viewers to the end of the video, those still watching are invested in your content. This is an opportunity to encourage further engagement with your brand. How are you asking your audience to interact with you and what can you offer them to help solve a problem they’re having? This is up to you. Asking viewers to engage with your content, add comments, follow your account and even contribute their own content are all great ways to transition after a person has viewed a video.

Stopping the scroll on social media can be a challenge with a consistent stream of content being published by the second. Use your video content to capture the attention of your audience by identifying a problem, telling a relatable story and telling viewers how to engage more.