Logo Design Process

October 14, 2019

At Fierce, we’re passionate about packaging up the unique essence of a brand into one effective logo. From beginning to end, we’ll work through our design process with you to deliver a logo perfect for your business.

We also know that a logo is more than meets the eye. Branding includes not only your logo but it represents your reputation (what people think about your business) and your story (the narrative you’re telling about your business). When those three pieces work together, you’ll be able to see–and feel–your brand come alive throughout your business.

Here is a quick breakdown of our typical process.

Getting Started

When getting started with a new logo design, we like to discuss your vision and goals for your business and then determine how your brand can support that. We want to know what your business is all about, but also the backstory on why you do what you do and where you plan to take your business 5, 10 or even 20 years out. Typically, we start by having you fill out our branding questionnaire and use that as a starting point for our in-person conversation.

In this conversation, we’ll take a look at what makes your business unique, who your audience is, what competitors are on your radar and what your market reach is. If you’ve not done this research, we can help. This initial meeting also gives you the chance to ask any questions you have about your new logo and branding. Share with us things you like or don’t like about other brands and help us start to shape that narrative.


In the design phase, our team starts sketching out and designing various creative treatments. With ideas from multiple designers on our team, we try new concepts, get feedback and develop around 3-5 logo options after a messy artboard of 12 to 20 different starting ideas. Collaboration is a big part of the way we work at Fierce. We include the full team to discuss brand options and concepts as we work through development. At the end of this process, we polish and prepare your brand treatments for your first review.

Initial Logo Review

In this meeting, we’ll present you with the logo options, as well as the reason behind the design decisions and how they work for your brand and business goals. We then look to you for feedback on designs that stand out to you. In this process, we like to hear the good, the bad and the ugly. We can learn just as much about our next steps by hearing what you don’t like in addition to what you do like.

Revisions and Feedback

After the initial review, we’ll use your feedback to make revisions to the logos presented, creating new concepts from those initial conversations. We’ll share back the updated versions with you and keep narrowing down and tweaking the design elements and options. We want you to love the logo and branding so we keep working until we get it just right.

Final Logo Package

Once you’ve selected your logo, we create the full logo package with different file formats you may need – full color, reversed out, black and white, for print, digital and a file that you can use for apparel or signage as needed. We add in a basic brand guide that outlines the colors, fonts and best practices for using the new logo.

Ready to get your logo started? Start by filling out our brand questionnaire or drop a message to [email protected].

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