Listen First

February 16, 2018

We often make the mistake of running in a direction that we think our audience is wanting only to find that when we get there, we’re standing all alone.
No response.
No engagement.
And the funny thing is, the silence – the crickets, are deafening. If only we had listened FIRST.
Our audience is right there telling us what they want to hear and what they need from us. If are listening first, we can deliver. We’ll become the heroes!

Ways to listen:

  • Follow the conversations on social media. Note not only the interactions with your own posts, but what your customers are saying about their services across the board. Example: If you see complaints about never having enough time, develop a campaign that shows how your product/service is so easy that it can solve their problem and save them time.
  • Send a survey. Stop guessing if they use Facebook more than Instagram or if they like samples over coupons and ASK THEM.
  • Poll your audience. Post a quick poll on Twitter of Facebook to get a pulse on an idea.
  • Follow relevant hashtags. Note trends in the tone and conversation happening around the places you want to be. Develop content that puts you in that same space.
  • Send an email with open-ended questions to a close group of desired customers for their honest feedback.

Give it listen – I mean, give it try and see how it sounds, eh?

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