We’re here.

March 22, 2020

To all of our clients, their families and our community, we are thinking of you during this time of global responsibility and care. How are you? How’s your family? What’s your new workday shaping up to be?

To be honest, for me it has by far been the wildest week I’ve had as an entrepreneur. It was a rollercoaster of – “This is a strange new ride,” to “What is happening? Get me off this thing!?!” to “Please stay seated with your arms and legs inside the car. Feel free to scream occasionally, it’s going to get bumpy.” Can you relate?

What I want you to know is that we’re still here. At Fierce Creative, the team is still working. We are still creating, smiling over video chats, sharing memes and emojis. We’re extending grace and compassion to each other and our clients. We are navigating this new way of doing business right alongside you. Our once-a-week, work-from-home day has flipped to full time. Our “let’s wear hoodies to work” idea now a requirement while doing your hair isn’t.

We’re not on the front lines and are so grateful for those who are. To show our gratitude, we can do our part to support you, our clients, our local businesses and of course to follow the guidelines of social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19. And that’s exactly what we plan to do.

We know some of you are facing big decisions like having to cut store hours and consider layoffs. You may now be finding yourself serving as a home school parent while juggling video meetings and conference calls. You have projects that you’re deciding the next move – to press on or to pause. Some of you are moving conventions to online conferences in a matter of days or weeks.

Wherever you are, we’re in it with you. We remain committed to you.

Whether you need to take a breath and consider next steps, want to brainstorm new ways of doing business during this time or want to keep pressing on, we’re ready for it.

Take care of yourself and your family. Take care of your business. Take care of your community. We are here now, tomorrow and whenever you’re ready. We’re not going anywhere.

For now, I invite you to connect with me if you simply want to chat with another small business owner – whether you’re an existing client or we have yet to meet. Select a time here on my calendar. There is so much we can do while being responsible global citizens in the waiting. There are positive strides we can take to set us up for growth and continued success if we put in the work right now.

Our spirits are up, our creativity still flowing. We’re just looking for those to share it with.

Sending you fierce love today and all days.

- Kate