Defining Your Audience with a Customer Profile

February 11, 2020

A common mistake many brands make is marketing to “everyone.” Sure, your brand could have a variety of audiences but focusing on a specific audience will provide the greatest return. To nail down who you want to market to, create a persona–a detailed description that represents one ideal customer, often referred to as a customer avatar.

Key Information

First, you should determine the demographics of your ideal customer. Outline things like age, gender, location, employment status, level of education, income, etc. This information lets you start to define tactics for reaching them.

Detailed Information

Once you have the basics down, focus on specifics of your ideal customer. What are their hobbies and skills? What are they doing on a Friday night? What are some of their challenges? What are their goals for the next year? How does their lifestyle fit with them needing or using your project or service? Asking yourself detailed questions will help you better understand what your audience needs and how you can market to them – and more specifically how to communicate with them and where.

How to Reach Them

Another important detail to understand is where your audience gets their information. Do some research to determine what social media networks they are using, what news they consume, how often they’re online and other habits. You’ll use this information to strategically share content on the ideal platforms.

Create a Profile

Based on the questions you answer and the information you gather, you can create a profile. Give this persona a name and do not leave out any details when you describe them. This description will help you understand the way they think and create an ideal experience for them.

Make sure you’re reaching your ideal customers with the right content by getting started with a customer persona for your own brand.