Graphic Animation

Animation & Motion Graphics

Adding motion to your social channels and website can help stop the scroll and draw attention to a storytelling method your audience is looking for. Provide us what it is that you're looking to communicate and with whom and we can provide options on how to best reach them. We can add motion graphics to video footage or text. We can provide full custom infographic-style animations as your needs determine. We're excited to create something unique for you and your brand.

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See the showcase of our favorite graphic animation projects below

Definity Animation


Purpose: Help audiences visualize the change in technology across the years and how Hologic is bringing women's health into the future.

Platform: Facebook, Twitter

Healthcare Animated Infographic

Phillips Healthcare

Purpose: Share the story of how Phillips data technology has helped cut turnaround times for healthcare professionals around the country.

Platform: Internal Communication

OmniLok Animation


Purpose: Speak to doctors about how this product can help them balance, streamline and simplify their everyday procedures in the office.

Platform: Facebook, Twitter

Media Now Online Launch

Media Now

Purpose: Announce the arrival of Media Now Online and new course offerings to high school journalists around the world.

Platform: YouTube, Enews Campaign

The New Period Emoji

Hologic's We Hate Heavy Period Campaign

Purpose: Invite those who are struggling with heavy periods to join the conversation and connect with doctors who can help.

Platform: Twitter, Facebook

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