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Big Cedar has a story at every turn. There's a new path to take, a hot spot to fish, a museum to explore, a ride, a hike, a meal, a plush place to stay or fun place to play - Big Cedar has it all. A Bass Pro Shops' resort, we've enjoyed telling its stories through various branding projects in big and small ways. We love the challenge of creating beautiful user experiences as fresh and memorable as the experience one has when they step on the grounds.

Our Challenge

We had the pleasure of designing a beautiful and functional website showcasing Big Cedar Lodge in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. Our job was to represent the raw beauty of the grounds online in a way that mirrors the experience of guests when they step onto the resort. We found the balance between modern elements of user experience and the rustic atmosphere, highlighting professional golf courses, grand accommodations, award-winning attractions and everything else Big Cedar has to offer.

Our team enjoyed working with Fierce on multiple levels. They were responsive, provided timely turn around on requests, and worked hard to make sure our vision was accomplished through their creative.  Bonus – They made work fun!”

-Jason Robinson,
Director of Marketing, Big Cedar Lodge

Graphic of multiple Big Cedar Lodge webpage screenshots

And Explore!

Most recently, we have expanded our work to include not only the hospitality brands, but the non-profit websites, restaurant and retail website support as well. We love problem-solving for customers and continually looking for ways to improve the user experience.

A few more of the sites we've designed and developed for the Bass Pro Shops family to highlight

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