Female Factor & Bridget Brennan


Bridget Brennan came to Fierce to search of a creative agency to help modernize her brands and better streamline they way she promotes herself as an author, speaker and as a consulting company. Bridget her consulting agency are recognized worldwide as the leading authors on female consumers. She had the knowledge and the audience, but needed to keep her brands up to par with her content.

Cohesive Sister Branding

We helped define the lines between Bridget's personal brand as a speaker and author and her consulting firm, Female Factor. The two brands developed simultaneously in order to insure that they played well together as we knew there would be a need to co-brand many of her elements.


I couldn’t recommend them highly enough; Fierce Creative is a phenomenal partner in building out any sort of creative project or website.”

- Bridget Brennan, CEO of Female Factor


Going Virtual

Pivoting to virtual event speaking in the face of a global pandemic

In an industry that revolved around large, in-person events, the pandemic forced Bridget to change her strategy. Our team assisted Bridget in her efforts to adapted to a word that became reliant on virtual events and conferences. Through strategic campaigns and message updates, we were able to help position Bridget as a leading female virtual speaker.


Promoting Achievement after Achievement

Are a world world renowned author, Bridget received many accolades during our partnership that we we're able to help here share though social media graphics and email marketing blasts.

Web Development

After we laid the groundwork for Bridget's branding, our next big task was to overhaul her web presence for both her personal speaking brand and for Female Factor.


A New Message on Social Media

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