Johnny Morris Foundation

Supporting Wildlife Conservation

We were enlisted to create online experiences for non-profit side of the Bass Pro Shops brand with Johnny Morris' Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium, Dogwood Canyon Nature Park and National Hunting and Fishing Day. We brought nature into a digital space that draws visitors in and excites them to be a part of this conservation story.


There's nothing like a nature walk through time and place at Wonders of Wildlife. We needed to organize the website for an easy user experience to inform and drive ticket sales. We provided a dynamic ticket calendar solution for their changing hours and pricing options based on the season.


A day a Dogwood Canyon drops you right in the middle of an outdoor adventure - as relaxing or intense as you desire. We brought that to life in the digital space showcasing the opportunity for weddings and events to a picnic and bike ride.


This annual event turns the spotlight on conservation and how to teach the next generation the importance and value of human connection and care for our environment. The site is used as a year-round resource for hunting, fishing and sport shooting.

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