Midwest Maifest

Non-Profit, Event-Driven Fun

We worked with a group of passionate individuals to bring a vision of a local festival to life through Midwest Maifest. This one-day festival is an event that celebrates the arrival of spring and the rich German heritage of St. Charles County in Missouri. Fierce Creative developed the brand from logo and color pallets to posters, website and signage.


I couldn't have been more pleased with the caliber of work and follow-through from the wonderful ladies at Fierce Creative Agency! They took our ideas, improved upon them, and made them come-to-life! Their availability and response time was excellent. Looking forward to working with them again on Midwest Maifest 2019 and other projects."

- Mary Johnson,
St. Charles Sister Cities Programs, Inc.

Billboards, Apparel & Posters, Oh my!

With a brand this fun, you can't stop at just the logo. We had a blast working through the various pieces to promote the local festival - billboards to souvenir glasses.



This event site shows how a clear and simple call-to-action of a website can prove to make a big impact and turn big results. We didn't hold back on design. In fact, the brand was so well defined that to create the website was a joy to bring the energy through. If you're in the St. Charles, Missouri, area we'll be updating with details for next May very soon. Check it out and enjoy!

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