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Custom Website Design & Development

We build visually engaging websites with the user experience and guest action items that pull the brand voice and style through every element. We focus on your desired outcomes and user actions to drive the process. Everything from copy writing, design, photography, video, email marketing integration, SEO digital strategy and opt-in materials come into play with each website development and design project.

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See the showcase of our favorite web design projects below

Big Cedar Lodge

We designed this site to showcase in a way that visitors would experience the beauty of Big Cedar Lodge through nature.


We drew from the energy and individualized attention a guest gets when they enter a salon in the exact same manner as they arrive on the site. This should appeal to both fresh talent to join their team and for guests to explore and book an appointment.


Listening keenly to our client, we organized the content in a way that was fresh, responsive and user-friendly. Engagement of the site's email capture and "Plan Your Stay" forms showed four-times the engagement as before the design move.

DK Solutions

For business coaches Kristy and James Jackson of DK Solutions, we collapsed multi-business channels into one simple navigation path for its visitors. We needed the guest to find and engage with the content they were seeking more readily. Clarifying the options turned better results for all parties involved.

Bass Pro Shops
Angler's Lodge

A simple, yet effective website that showcases the Bass Pro Shops' branding in their custom hotel, The Angler's Lodge.

STL Interactives

We enjoyed the challenge of creating an online catalog of hundreds of outdoor interactives that didn't look like a catalog. Organization and storytelling pulled the rest of the fun together.

North Mahaska School District

With so many moving parts and different audiences, we created space for students, parents AND community to engage, keep informed and support their community schools.

Todd Studios

Showcasing beatutiful photography is a treat for us designers. Weaving in the special attention to detail and added glam of the beautiful and talented photographer Angela Armstrong, we hate to even call this project work.


We were thrilled to work with our agency partner, KemperLesnik, to tell their powerful story as a leading public relations and sports marketing firm in Chicago. We created a bold platform and continue to work with them on SEO digital strategies.

Grey Days

For a brand and site as delightful as its owner Lauren Wilkerson, we loved pulling together this furnishings rehab site from copy and font selection to color pallet and artistic imagery. This is used to accompany the Facebook page where she make the sales happen.

Flavor 360

Check out the Flavor 360 website but only if you're ready to place an order. Her meals are as unique as the occasion and shooting video and photos of it all only makes us hungry. Enjoy!

Church of the Shepherd

Churches like all new businesses are first found online. Creating an outward-focused message gives Church of the Shepherd a unique position with new potential community members.

Media Now

Each summer Media Now brings together hundreds of students, journalism advisers and professional journalists from across the country to learn, inspire and sharpen their media skills. It's here at this informational website that we have built the registration process and ways for participants to connect.


Sometimes your business needs a simple entry point to the complex work that you do. Jurgiel is that business. With our fresh perspective, we were able to humanize their business and simplify their story to attract new prospects.


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