Yoderbilt Greenhouses & Outdoor Living


Yoderbilt Greenhouses & Outdoor Living

Beautiful and functional greenhouses, chicken coops and all the accessories – delivered
fully-assembled by Yoderbilt. Our team plays the integral role in bringing the Yoderbilt experience to life online through our website, social media, email marketing and paid ad strategies.


The Yoderbilt brand has been established for many years. After getting their footing as a leader in the industry, it was time for an update. We expanded the name to be Yoderbilt Greenhouses & Outdoor Living – allowing for expansion beyond just greenhouses. The refreshed logo and color palette builds upon existing brand recognition while giving a modern look and feel.

Beautiful Visuals That Also Convert

The Yoderbilt website is the key to our marketing success. We transformed their previous website into a platform that draws users in, converts them to leads and keeps current customers inspired. Highlights of the site include an online ordering form, resource library and customized landing pages for Google and Meta ads.

Following the launch of the site, we saw:

increase in website traffic (750K+ users a month)
increase in engagement
online greenhouse orders per week
Woman putting yellow flowers into a vase. She is standing inside a greenhouse.

Digital Ad Strategy

Google and Meta

Our digital ad strategy expands across multiple channels with a targeted approach. With delivery available to 26 states, we've implemented separate campaigns in each of the states. Across the board, we create targeted landing pages that speak directly to our audience. Users are available to instantly download the quick pricing guide, which provides the Yoderbilt sales team with their email address.

Exterior of a Yoderbilt Greenhouse. The double doors are held open by two potted plants
Four chickens inside an enclosure

Ongoing Content Marketing

A robust email marketing and organic social media strategy keep our current customers engaged and keeps the brand top of mind for prospective customers. In addition to several automations always running, our weekly newsletter covers a gardening topic with a focus on education.

Email Marketing Results

open rate

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