CoolSculpting Live at SCC Derm Surgery

After launching SCC Derm Surgery’s first virtual event in 2020, we started off 2021 with a live broadcast covering two of Dr. Tull’s services — CoolSculpting and BodyTone. In preparation for this event, CoolSculpting Live, we developed a plan to capture registrations through email marketing, social media and traffic to the blog.

When it was time to go live, our team was on-site with three cameras in action, a laptop hard at work and some behind-the-scenes setup. From start to finish, we used Zoom’s webinar platform to host this broadcast, showcase the live demonstration and engage attendees using the Q&A feature.

The live event had 43 registrants with 18 engaged attendees. 

In the days following the event, we implemented a follow-up email campaign to all attendees to share special offers available.


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