InvestMidwest 2023 Event Marketing & Live Coverage

After a four year break, InvestMidwest was back in person in April 2023. To re-announce this event for the Midwest startup scene, the Fierce team jumped in to run the social media marketing efforts and increase the number of attendees. Our team also attended the event to capture fresh photography and videography.

Social Media 

In the months leading up to the conference, we implemented a social media strategy to reach InvestMidwest’s audience. Our strategy included content about the event and the presenters. By tagging presenters and their companies, we were able to gain traction and followers in the startup community. 

A New LinkedIn Page

After audience research, we started a LinkedIn page for the event, and in a little over a month , we gained nearly 100 followers. To reach this audience we had a small spend of $200 for LinkedIn Ads which resulted in ​​5,772 impressions and 153 clicks to the website.

Live Event Coverage

On the ground during the event, our team was capturing photos and videos while posting on social media in real time. The end result – action-packed content to use when marketing InvestMidwest 2024. 


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