Recovery St. Charles – Substance Use Disorder Resources

Recovery is Possible. It Starts Here.

Substance use disorder (SUD) impacts communities everywhere, and St. Charles County is on a mission to destigmatize SUD and provide resources to those in need. The St. Charles County Department of Public Health is leading these efforts. Starting with interviews and research on the topic, our team jumped right in to get started on a new resource for the community. Once we had our research completed, we organized the resources and designed and developed a custom website – This platform provides education about what SUD is, ways family and friends can help those need, resources for treatment and first-hand stories.

We encourage everyone to explore this content, whether you are struggling with SUD yourself, a family member or friend is struggling with SUD or you’d like to learn more as a member of the community. No one is alone and action from everyone in the community will help take on this crisis.

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