Stiegemeier Website

The Stiegemeier Team is a team of real estate agents based in St. Louis. Previously, Fierce had done their social media and email marketing. For this project, we developed a brand new website. We designed, developed, and wrote the copy for the site, as well as took their staff headshot to include. It was important to get a website that could be a central hub for their audience to stay updated on all things real estate and for new visitors to learn what the Stiegemeier Team can do for them.

For the design of this site, we focused on maintaining an approachable, welcoming, and trusting tone. We wanted to organize their site in a way that felt intuitive to their users so they could easily learn more about the Stiegemeier team as well as browse listings and homeowner resources. One thing the Stegemeier team wanted to emphasize is their desire to continue relationships with their clients so we added several elements to the site to encourage their clients to return for more tips and resources throughout their homeownership experience. Now with the developed website, they can connect all their communication touch points from social to email marketing, all being pointed toward the site.

Stiegemeier Team


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