Suburban School Superintendents

Suburban School Superintendents (SSS) is the premier organization of roughly 125 members, represented from suburban districts across the country, committed to providing opportunities for high-quality professional learning and networking to further the educational experiences for students at a national level. SSS came to Fierce to give their website a makeover and add more features to be more user-friendly to their members. Their website now has a more cohesive design that includes a membership portal for members of the organization as well as a way to register for conferences and events throughout the year.

We wanted to organize their site in a way that felt intuitive to their users so they could easily learn more about SSS and allow members to access benefits like nominating colleagues and downloadable resources. One of the biggest goals for SSS was to include a member directory where members can connect with each other based on a variety of interest areas. We created a profile for each member along with information about their district, interest areas, and email to contact them directly.

SSS has hosted multiple conferences in the past but their previous site didn’t support credit card payments. They wanted to move away from members paying by check and instead include PayPal in the registration form. We added this feature on all payment forms as an easy way for members to connect PayPal to their card and securely checkout.

With this new site, SSS can easily interact with its members, sponsors, and others interested in joining the organization.

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