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Nikki Napolitano headshot

Nikki Napolitano
Account Manager

The coordinator behind many successful projects at Fierce is Nikki Napolitano!

She spends her days working with clients to deliver top-notch project management, social media strategy, website maintenance, overall marketing direction and more. From bringing new ideas in a team meeting to writing a blog post, she brings great energy every day for our clients.

Nikki’s world is filled with creativity and she makes an effort to create every day, whether that is making a new recipe or painting with watercolor. In her time outside of work, she plays music with her band (the Irish whistle, flute, drums and bodhran to be exact), reads, spends time in her garden, travels and goes hiking.

Nikki has a degree in marketing and graphic design from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO. She joined the Fierce hustle in October 2022.

[email protected]