Fierce Team


Resa Troyer
Graphic Designer

Pull out the iPad, it’s time to hand letter and Resa Troyer has all the tips and tricks.

In addition to her lettering skills, Resa works as a designer on our team to brands and create unforgettable designs. From logo design to billboard artwork and print collateral, she can add her touches to just about any design piece imaginable.

Quite a few things inspire Resa and fuel her up for a creative day, and some of those include rest, observation, exploration, learning new things and making something with her hands. In her free time, she’s hanging with her husband and two sons, reading a good book, antique hunting, doing some yoga, lettering or watercolor painting.

Resa has a degree in Social Work from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK. After exploring her creative talents, she made a career switch in fall 2019 and joined the Fierce team.