Before You Inquire About Your Video Project…

March 18, 2022

Video is a powerfully dynamic tool that utilizes writing, visuals, music, lighting, and animation to tell a cohesive story about a person, brand, or company.

Our passion is creating ideas around your brand and developing content that puts you in front of the right audience. To do that most efficiently, and for the final video piece to work exactly as intended, it’s crucial that your business understands a few key points about your brand, your story and your idea before moving into the ideation phase.

Why do you need a video?

Identify what about a live-action video will be serving your brand in this instance. Will the video help bring a personal touch to your brand by featuring an individual in an interview? Will it help hone in your brand by following a carefully scripted plot and short story? Will it help capture the energy and excitement of a live event? When you know how you want the video to help your brand, we can best formulate ideas that will help you achieve your goal.

Where is this video going to live?

Video that lives on a social feed is different from video that lives on YouTube or even on your website homepage. To help align with the ever-changing algorithms and create a piece that performs optimally, the video should have a clear home once it’s finished.

What’s the story?

If you’re wanting to create a piece that tells a story and doesn’t just stop the scroll for the first 5 seconds, you have to know your story. Opportunity in video lies in its ability to combine movement, music, writing and visuals together to create one cohesive piece that can dive deeper than a blog post or a social graphic. People like to see people – and the key is finding the right ways to connect those people back to your brand.

If you can write it on your About Us page, it doesn’t need to be a video.

We believe that the best videos are ones that achieve something a still graphic, a photo, or a masterfully written piece of copy cannot, and we’re here to help you achieve just that.

So, with these three things in mind… are you ready to make your video? We’re ready to help. Start planning your video project with our unique production guide or contact [email protected]. Just want to chat with our team on some ideas? We’re ready to consult with you as well.