Black History Month Roundup

March 4, 2021

Throughout February, we reflected on the many historical figures who have left behind a lasting legacy for us and the rich culture that has inspired so many movements. We also took many moments to pause and appreciate the unapologetic creativity that has shifted the way we see Black stories.

Check out some of the remarkable Black voices we highlighted and recognized.

Since her time as FLOTUS, Michelle Obama has never ceased to amaze us. She has created a lasting legacy of empowering and inspiring women to dream big. As an advocate, her work with poverty awareness, education and nutrition continues to encourage us to always strive to be better.


Aretha Franklin was a powerhouse. Her timeless voice has inspired the musical careers of some of the world’s greatest voices we hear today. But her legacy extends far beyond her being the Queen of Soul. Aretha was not afraid to blur the lines between politics and her artistry. While her voice may have given her her platform, Aretha ultimately used her voice to advocate for the black community by actively taking part in social activism and advancing the feminist movement by uplifting women through her songs, especially black women.

Maya Angelou was an author, an actor, a filmmaker, a poet, a civil rights activist, an icon whose artistic works have shifted the literary world. She became a fervent advocate for the unheard, defending the rights of the Black community, women and young people. Maya Angelou once said, “If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” These beautiful words are a testament to how she effortlessly navigated through this world.

Cori Bush is the epitome of a community leader and quite frankly, a force to be reckoned with. From protesting after the shooting death of Michael Brown to becoming our Congresswoman in 2021, she continues her fight for Black lives. Never forgetting her St. Louis roots, Bush’s passion is championing for the unseen and she is relentless in the pursuit of equity. Her words, “To all the counted outs, the forgotten abouts, the marginalized, and the pushed asides. This is our moment,” ring loud in our ears and we are so excited and honored to be in the midst of history in the making.