Using GIFs for Your Business

June 2, 2018

GIFs are a popular way to share a quick story or convey a particular emotion around a topic in a visual and relatable way. But, how can you use them in your business?

Making GIFs from an image, video footage or an infographic-style animation can prove to be very effective in breaking down complex storylines or product benefits.

On personal social channels, we can share GIFs all day long. However, if you were looking to add branding to them, you wouldn’t be able to do that. People can create and share GIFs using copyrighted materials because they’re technically not selling anything.

We recommend businesses create a series of original GIFs that conveys a quick story with a relatable feeling for the desired audience.

You’ll get more control over the message using your own imagery, stats and footage. People will take to your humanized approach to presenting the problem and solution your business provides. An authentic set of GIFs around your key pain points can serve your business well – and keep you out of legal trouble.

Our biggest advice is echoed in this article on copyright laws as pertains to GIFs from called “Animated GIFs and Fair Use: What is and isn’t Legal, According to Copyright Law”:

  • Get written releases from the copyright holder and actors who appear in the GIF.
  • Link to content that isn’t your own and let the site you link to deal with the liability.
  • Make your own GIFs with your own original content.

Not sure what to create? We’re happy to help brainstorm ideas around this or work with you to develop a content strategy for their use. GIFs are fun, unless they land you in the middle of a lawsuit.

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A Few of Our Examples

Stock video sourced and edited into GIF

Animated infographic for the Philips Brand

Stock video sourced and edited into GIF