Five Reasons to Spend more than $5 on a Logo

July 10, 2018

We know, we know. The price point is enticing isn’t it? To get a logo within just a few days for just a few dollars? Here’s our list of five reasons why you should spend more than five dollars on your logo.

1) Your dream is worth more than $5.

Your logo is the cornerstone of the business or passion project you’ve been dreaming of for years. It’s worth true time – and money, to get a logo that represents your business the way you have always hoped it would.

2) Your logo is a living thing.

Sharing your brand concept in a few written sentences is tough to do. When you share your business goals with your friend for the first time, you’ll hear how the brand voice and attitude is already emerging. To hear a person passionately describe their business and how the name or brand mark will represent what they do and how they will carry out their livelihood is inspiring. It’s flat-out inspiring to hear someone so excited about their business they can hardly sit still. You need people to hear that passion and excitement build. Your brand is alive in you. Bringing that out is where your logo comes to life.

3) Your logo is more than a fun font.

Your logo should be as unique as you are. It should reflect the energy it fills you with inside when you think about all your business can and will be. To designers, each type font speaks differently. To designers, manipulating the letters, the curves, the spacing, the color – all are ways your business name begins to speak to your vision.

4) You get what you asked for. Even if you hate it.

Because what you thought you needed, may not be what you actually need once you see it. You know your business, but working with a creative team can help draw out the strategy and messaging that weaves in and around the logo for today, but also for 10 years down the road. If your first logo idea was a bad one, you might have just wasted $5. A creative team can work with you to consider your audience, your product/service, your potential reach and your goals. We want you to love your logo, to love your brand. And you should want that too.

5) You’re more serious than that.

This is your brand. Set yourself up for success. You want someone to take you seriously, then you have to take yourself seriously. Invest in a strategy for your brand. Yes, that may start with the first visual piece – the logo, but it starts well before that with who you are as a business, your desired audience, how you want to reach them and what your brand will achieve with its voice and position.

Put that $5 back in your pocket…

and when you’re ready to get serious, get a creative team on board. Build your brand, work with someone that can hear you, feel the passion and excitement you have for what you’re about to do. It won’t break the bank to invest in your dream, it shows you’re committed to it. Find the team that will respect your vision and work with you to create the brand platform you need for a successful future. Unleash your vision into a creative team and they’ll deliver you a brand to build a business on.

Because when you get your logo for $5, that’s all you get. A logo. Not a brand. And you need a brand.

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