Common Roadblocks for Start-Ups and How to Leap Over Them

April 10, 2018

Spinning your wheels? Maybe you’re just not sure who you are yet.

Here are some common stumbling blocks with startups.

Your Audience is Too Broad: You’re trying to appeal to too many people so you end up not appealing to anyone.

No one can get your logo right: You see it in your head, but can’t seem to put the logo idea on paper. If you know that your audience is too broad it’s most likely affecting your ability to decide on a logo too.

Too many decision-makers not making decisions: You’ve got a team, a business partner or multiple influences to manage when developing the business. You’re all moving forward but not necessarily in the same direction.

So, what do you do? Try these three things for starters.

Clearly state the problem you’re seeking to solve for people. Are you making businesses operate more efficiently? Are you helping people live healthier lives? Whatever it is, state it.

Name your ideal client. Personify your customer and it will help focus your brand voice. List out their age, where they work, their hobbies, who they hang out with, how they spend their free time, how they spend their money, etc. When you run through this exercise, it will force you to write and create your business with that client in mind creating a more cohesive approach.

Next, ask your ideal customers what they think about your service or product BEFORE you actually launch. You need to know if they really want the service you’re proposing. If you listen early you can find and incorporate new ideas to make your idea even better!

After completing these three exercises, write out the following:

We (enter the problem you solve) by (how you solve it) with (your product or service) for (your ideal client).

That one statement allows you to leap over the aforementioned roadblocks.
Narrowing your audience will lead to a more defined vision for your logo.
Defining the problem you are solving for people will help your team work toward a unified goal – from sales and product development to marketing and distribution.

Get to it. You’ve got a business to build.