How Different Parts of Marketing and Branding All Work Together

June 30, 2023

We recently had a client come to us for help designing a postcard. Of course, we were immediately excited to help a new brand. We started working on the copy and design of the card, and the project expanded into developing a landing page design. Now from this landing page, we’ll be working on a brand refresh and a new website. After that—social media ads and another direct mail campaign.

This project is the perfect example of how all of the different areas of marketing work together. For us, marketing is never just one project, it’s a blend of many efforts that all supplement each other.

For our new client: what’s a postcard without a compelling landing page to convert these customers?

A brand’s identity – logo, colors and messaging guide, are the life of the brand, and these show up everywhere. The website is the landing point for all things digital. A video strategy spans across the website and flows onto social media or even paid ads on YouTube. In-person community outreach turns into email subscribers that expect a newsletter twice a month. Everything is connected.

In the case of the new client that started with a postcard, it illustrates how important it is to look at the full picture and deliver results with a variety of efforts.

And the whole Fierce team does just that. One of the things that makes Fierce such a unique environment is that we all have our talents and specialties but also have the ability to think strategically and connect the necessary pieces to garner the biggest opportunity for success. We can solve for one problem and come up with solutions for many using a 360-degree marketing approach.