The Perfect Match: PR Firms & Fierce Creative

June 21, 2023

Part of our work here at Fierce is to support public relations teams – and, for a bunch of creatives, I like to think that we’ve got it down to a science. Early in my career, I worked in both corporate advertising and then at a PR firm. With those experiences, I learned quickly that designing for advertising and for PR were quite different.

The desired outcomes and audiences of each piece required different messaging, imagery, emphasis, and design treatments. I learned quickly and began to hone my ability to hear the goals of our PR team partners and craft the right layout, design approach, and messaging direction for their desired outcomes. We carried that through now to what we do at Fierce – designing to the audience, yes. That’s a given. But designing for the type of messaging and purpose, a skill.

We also understand the pressures our agency teams are under give us an edge on turning the work more efficiently. We’re on deadline, on budget, but more importantly – on message and on brand out the gate. It’s less guesswork and back-and-forth. And as the world of PR has expanded into paid and organic digital campaigns, websites, video, photography, on-site and national campaign work – we have evolved with it. We are already doing work in those spaces so to be able to not just partner but lead some of those projects with our PR teams makes for an even more exciting opportunity for all of us. They know the client inside and out. We know websites and digital marketing in that same way. It’s a perfect match.

What is more is that we learn from our PR partners with every project. We value and respect the work they do and it only motivates us more to make their job easier, better. The simple goal for us is that we want to make our PR partners look really good in front of their client. We hit the impossible deadline with the best creative and they’re the hero. They’re Batman. We’re Robin.

Today we serve PR teams with creative for websites, ad campaigns, social media, infographics and event collateral, trade show booths and car wraps – you name it, we’’ll make it.

If your communication efforts need a solid creative partner that “gets it” – Fierce Creative is your team.We’re ready when you’re ready.