Sprint, Don’t Walk. Marketing an Event in 45 Days

May 8, 2023

When you don’t have six months to roll out an event marketing strategy, 45 days will have to do. This spring, we started working with InvestMidwest to market their first event back in person since 2019.

When they came to us with a quickly-approaching event, we jumped right in to get the word out on social media. Here are a couple of ways we made it work.

An Accelerated Post Frequency

Sometimes, brands will hesitate to post “too often” with fear of losing followers. We’ve found that really isn’t the case. When an event is approaching – the more content, the better. That doesn’t mean posting the same thing every day, though.

With InvestMidwest, we posted 1-2 times every day covering a range of topics. We highlighted the presenters, outstanding women in the field of ag tech, details about the event, what to expect at happy hours and more. This had InvestMidwest showing up in the feed every day with something different. The increased frequency got more eyes on the content.

A Way to Leverage the Target Audience

Another challenge when getting started with InvestMidwest was they did not have a LinkedIn account. Since they needed to be on this platform, we created one. Within a few days, we grew the account to 15 followers. 30 followers a few days later, 50 eventually. And at the end, we had around 100.

How did we grow the LinkedIn account? We leveraged our target audience. The event had 30 presenters, and we followed every single presenter’s personal and company accounts. Then, we shared a post highlighting each presenter and tagging them. This resulted in those presenters following InvestMidwest back AND sharing this content with their network.

By the time the event came around, these two quick strategies proved to be efficient. We grew the social media accounts, and closed out the event with 220+ attendees (the goal was 200). Check out a few more highlights of our work with InvestMidwest here including live event coverage, videography and photography.