How to Stay in the Marketing Mindset (During a Pandemic)

December 21, 2020

The thought of ramping up your marketing strategy might seem bizarre during a pandemic, especially as many businesses are slowing down. Or you might even be saying, “What’s the use?”

We understand the dilemma, and ultimately you have to know what’s right for your business. But we’re here to tell you that as trying as these times are, your customers are still there. Because of this, it’s important to stay in the marketing mindset.

Marketing Mindset = Growth Mindset

Not business as usual
Everything, from the way customers are thinking to how they do their shopping, has changed. With many working from home, customers are interacting with content differently. So, how can you still reach your customers in a meaningful way? This is the perfect time to push past fear and try different strategies that you now have a little more time to implement.

Where are you customers?
Speaking of customers—where are they? Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. The pandemic has brought in many unsettled questions about when things are going to return back to normal. The truth is, a new form of normal has set in and with that, your customers’ needs might change.

So ask yourself this question: How can you still position yourself as your customer’s solution?

Keep your goals close
The pandemic might have caused your business to shift its attention elsewhere, but don’t let your pre-pandemic goals get lost in the mix! You set those goals for a reason, and now is the time to make small investments in those goals so when things are up and running, you can hit the ground running.

Step by step
Having a marketing mindset is also understanding that beneath those strategies and metrics is a human being who might have a lot on their plate right now. It’s about embracing the shift, all the while growing and taking it step by step. In the end, take a look at where your customers are, evaluate your goals and use this time to prepare for where you want your business to be, so when things open up you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

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