Unlocking Creativity: How We Do It

June 12, 2023

At Fierce, creativity is the lifeblood for both the agency as a whole and each employee. We understand the power of unlocking creativity and harnessing its potential. Here, we will walk you through our approach to unlocking a bit of that “fierce” creativity.

Creating the Right Environment:
We believe that creativity thrives in an environment that encourages it. When you step into our studio, you will feel the vibrant energy and inspiring atmosphere that seeps into every corner. We have created spaces for collaboration, with open work areas, and walls adorned with art and thought-provoking visuals. By immersing ourselves in this colorful and creative space, we open the doors to innovation and fresh ideas.

Embracing Diverse Perspectives:
True creativity arises when differing perspectives come together, each bringing their unique experiences and perspectives to the table. We embrace diversity in all its forms, and our team is proof of that. Our diversity is one of the things that makes us so Fierce!

Empowering Curiosity and Continuous Learning:
We believe that curiosity is the spark that ignites creativity. Something we all have in common is that we are all lifelong learners, continuously seeking knowledge and inspiration from various sources. We are always listening to new podcasts, learning new recipes, reading books and getting inspiration from Pinterest and Behance.

Self-Care and Nurturing Growth:
Taking care of oneself is at the heart of the creative process. We know that by taking care of ourselves, we are making headspace for the creative juices to flow. You can read more about how we prevent burnout and create headspace at Fierce in our related post here>

Even away from the office, we are still working on ourselves to make sure we are able to give 110%. Going for walks, playing sports, making art, being in nature, doodling, journaling, drinking copious amounts of caffeine, listening to podcasts and playing music, are all things that give us energy and inspire us. We are all very creative individuals (very shocking, we know…) and taking the time to step away from the computer is sometimes exactly what we need.

“Anything that lets big ideas simmer in the back of my mind helps when I sit back down to create for our clients. It’s amazing what a mind, seemingly at rest, can do.”
– Kate Manfull

Creativity is the key that unlocks boundless possibilities, and at Fierce we have mastered a unique approach to unleashing its power. By creating the right environment, embracing diverse backgrounds, nurturing curiosity, and fostering collaboration, we have seen the huge impact of unlocking creativity in our work. Whether it’s designing captivating visuals, crafting compelling stories, or developing innovative solutions, we are committed to using our creativity to help our clients thrive!

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