What’s a vector image?

May 10, 2018

For real, what is it and why do you need it?

A vector-based image is an .eps (Encapsulated PostScript) file is used for graphics typically saved in Adobe Illustrator. The vector image/eps file is a piece of artwork (i.e. your logo) that allows it to be scaleable without losing resolution quality, stretching or becoming “fuzzy.” Designers prefer the vector of your logo for optimal quality.

We use a vector for preserved quality at any size, such as on t-shirt or apparel printing, signs or banners, high-quality print pieces or anything large scale.

An .eps file can only be seen if you have certain programs, like the Adobe Creative Suite, or similar so we will often send a pdf of the vector image for you to view if you’re working in Windows.

What’s wrong with the high-resolution jpg you’re using?

Nothing, when used properly. Your high-resolution jpg can be scaled down, but not up, so depending on the dimensions of the logo we can only do so much with it and keep the quality. It can still be scaled out of proportion causing quality and shape concerns.

If the person or team that created your logo didn’t deliver a vector version of your logo, reach out to them and request it. You need to have this. You should have it. It’s your logo.