Staying Productive While Working from Home

October 7, 2020

Working from home is the new norm for many, and this non-traditional work format may be around for quite some time. With a steady workflow still coming in, it’s important to develop your own routine and habits to stay productive and work efficiently—even with new distractions. Here are some of our top WFH tips.

Set Your Work Hours

Start each day and week knowing your schedule. Designate hours for working and make sure your whole team knows when you’ll be online. And, don’t stop taking breaks just because you’re in the comfort of your own home. Avoid burn out by taking a little time away from your screen for lunch or some afternoon fresh air.

Develop a Routine

It would be easy to roll out of bed and jump right into work, but a morning routine will set you up for success. Spend time saved from your commute going for a walk, making breakfast or chatting with family. After your morning routine, you’ll start the day feeling energized.

Have a Designated Workspace

Make sure you have a permanent workspace at home, including a desk, comfortable chair and any technology that makes your job easier. Keep the area behind you clean and organized for video calls throughout the week. This go-to space will keep you motivated and ready to work, just as it would in the office.

Check out where some of our team members are staying productive.


Find Balance with Kids at Home

If your home office is also now a classroom, you’re in good company. Thousands of families across the country are conducting virtual school at home while working full time. If you can adjust your hours to build in your availability for when the kids are needing you the most, do it. Limit your call times to 30 minutes and book them outside of school hours or at times they are highly engaged if you can. Always keep within earshot and allow your kids to interrupt if necessary. Let your clients know your time may be cut short upfront so when it goes smoothly, you look like an ace. The rest of your workflow will need to adjust to be written feedback or voice-message driven to give you the most flexibility.

Make a List

Your to-do list will keep you on task to meet all your deadlines. Start the day with your list of priorities and map out a timeline for completing each task. The old trustworthy pen and paper (plus sticky notes, highlighters and all the accessories) often will do the trick. Our full team uses Asana to keep up with tasks.

Communicate Effectively

Keep in touch with your team throughout the day. It may feel like an extra step, but communicating extra is more important now because we’re missing out on in-office conversations and quick feedback. Our team uses Slack for instant messaging throughout the day and Google Hangouts for video calls.

Part of effective communication means being available as needed, so make sure you’re camera-ready during your work hours! Don’t be afraid to ask for quick calls throughout the day with your teammates to discuss ongoing projects.

Find What Works for You

Finally, work from home success is different for everyone. Some may need to jam out to music or have Netflix on as background noise while others need to work in silence. Or maybe a change in scenery can boost productivity from time to time. Try spending an afternoon working on the back patio and see how you do. Don’t forget to take breaks. It will help your energy levels and ability to focus.

Try a few different approaches and discover what keeps you operating at 100%. Stay focused, stay motivated, stay in touch. Make your work from home life Fierce.

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