This is What We Stand For

June 17, 2020

The conversations around diversity and inclusion aren’t always easy, but we’ve never been one to shy away from doing the hard work. We’re unapologetic in our approach to listening to, exploring with, and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities. Those varying perspectives bring us strength and greater potential.

At Fierce, we see in possibilities, not in limitations. We create with heart and deep passion for those we share this creative journey with. New ideas are not only accepted but expected at our table. In the same breath, intolerance and hatred have no place.

In life and in the workplace, we all make our own choices. The choices we intentionally make at Fierce are reflective of a few core beliefs:

Be kind.

To every human. No matter what.

Be compassionate.

In our relationships and through our creative work.

Be open-minded.

To new ideas, beliefs, ways of thinking and to things that challenge us. It’s in the discomfort that we find change.

Be Fiercely You.

Our mantra sets the stage for the inclusivity of all and the celebration of each. There’s a place for everyone’s voice at Fierce.


Our beliefs are woven into the work we do every day. We have built our team and client base with purpose. We align ourselves with people of varying backgrounds to bring different perspectives into our collaborative space.

We celebrate the diverse voices in the creative community. We uplift Black creators, women as leaders and members of the LGBTQ+ community. We celebrate all abilities and elevate minoritized voices.

We create space for individuals to be successful in our creative field and provide a clear path for growth, along with a platform to speak and live what we believe.

We don’t have all the right answers when it comes to building a diverse and inclusive world, but we know our role in it. We know how to be kind, fiercely kind. And being kind goes a long way.