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Giving Back through Summer Camp

Media Now has been a passion project of Fierce owner, Kate Manfull and her husband Aaron, since 2010. The four-day camp is fully supported by the Fierce team, from marketing collateral, event planning, on site hospitality, curriculum writing, registration and overall camper experience. It's hard to call it "work" when it's so much fun, but the team goes above and beyond to help young creatives gain the experience they need to advance in a career or journalism, media or creative communications.




Media Now has set itself apart from other high school journalism camps by running independently under its own brand name. The university partners have headlined as our gracious hosts, but owning the brand gives us freedom to direct the brand voice, tone, visuals, colors, photography and video, and graphic treatments to be relevant, yet relatable to our intended audience.


It’s a fantastic, hands-on experience perfect for any experience level as it’s personalized at every stage - and the kids have so much fun! The instruction is fresh and relevant.

- Sarah Nichols,
Adviser of Whitney High School, California
National JEA Vice President

Come to media now! It’s a camp focused on teaching how to tell the stories of the community around you. Even if you don’t want to go into journalism, come and learn. Make friends and connections, leave a better writer, photographer, editor, whatever. It’s awesome.”

- Payton Strobel
Waukee Northwest


Each year, we create a promotional flyer to be sent out to students, parents and advisers. Our main focus is getting the potential campers the information they need in a compelling and memorable way. We never shy away from a little (or big) splash of color, and that can be seen through the visual elements we incorporate into the designs.


Media Now 2023 Promotional Camp Flyer


Digital Media Summer Camp

High school students from across the country join us each summer for in-depth training on leadership, design, writing, social media, sports journalism, photography, videography and web design. It's a time for our Fierce team to give back what we love to do every day to those seeking skills they need to better tell stories in their communities now and in the future. Media Now campers often become Fierce interns and hires!


Social & Email Promotion

We keep our channels full of imagery of our excited and happy campers. We boast an average of 99% referral rate over eight years of summer camp. The instructors that the students work with are key to its success. We share that on social and through the email marketing campaigns we develop to connect with advisers, students and parents across the country.

Media Now

Enjoy the camp's informational site that is built to make the registration process easy to navigate and use for parents, students and advisers. Interested or have someone interested in training in any of these areas? Registration opens for each summer in January.

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