National Hunting and Fishing Day Landing Page

Observed in September every year, National Hunting and Fishing (NHF) Day brings together sportsmen and women across the nation. Working with NHF Day’s official home, Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium in Springfield, Missouri, we gave NHF Day a fresh look with a new landing page.

The goal of this page is to spread the word for NHF Day and encourage viewers to pledge to take someone else hunting, fishing or target shooting in 2020. You can get involved by taking the pledge today or spreading the word using #HuntFishShoot on social media.

Up next, we’re working with the Wonders of Wildlife team to build out a full website, sharing more resources for hunting, fishing and shooting. We’ll also be implementing a series of ads on social media to get the word out about this movement and encourage thousands to take the pledge.




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