Facility Planning – Video and Email

This year, Facility Planning, a design and construction manager for the beer distribution industry, is celebrating 10 years in business. To help get the word out to their audience, we partnered with Facility Planning to put together a video showcasing a recent project and developed the content for an email.


With the help of a few videographers in the Texas area, we were able to compile footage from Wismer Distributing Company, a construction project Facility Planning recently managed.


Highlighting the 10 year anniversary and the Wismer Distributing project, we were able to reach Facility Planning’s audience and capture new leads. The goal of the email was to set up time for the owner of Facility Planning to meet with prospects at an upcoming industry conference. The stand-alone email had an open rate of 52.2% and a click-through rate of 9.1%, resulting in promising leads for the company.

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