5 Ways to Push the Lines of Creativity

December 21, 2021

While we’re not in the new year just yet, we can already begin to feel the excitement whirling around us (it may also be because Christmas is only days away, but you get the point).

One thing we know for sure, though, is that the new year always brings an onslaught of “new” things—new goals and resolutions, new wardrobe, new hairstyle, new environments and the list goes on.

However, even as we enter the new year, it can be hard to maintain that idea of “newness,” and as creatives, we might find ourselves once again, stuck in the same routine of doing things for another 365 days.

So, as 2021 comes to an end, here are some ways you and your business can go into the new year with an open mind ready to push the boundaries of creativity:

Encourage All Roles to Share Ideas

It’s easy to get consumed by our individual roles within a business, I mean that’s why we were hired in the first place, right? Well, yes. But, even if it’s not their department or their expertise, employees should always have an opportunity to share ideas. Your design team may not know the ins and outs of copywriting, but they can still bring in ideas from a design perspective.

Pair Inspiration with Mindfulness

Mental health and creativity go hand in hand. Our field is filled with incredible experiences; however, if we don’t take a moment to pause and breathe—it can get overwhelming really quickly. Back in May, our team had the opportunity to stay in a cabin resort.

We unwound.

We reflected.

We relaxed.

And we came back refreshed as ever.

Share Passion Projects

Creativity is fueled by communication and collaboration. A great way to increase both is to better understand who you’re working with. Taking time to see what your coworkers are working on personally can help you see what interests they’re engaged in, and it just might spark some inspiration for a client project you’re working on.

Set Time for Brainstorm Meetings

Our team has a variety of meetings throughout the week devoted to brainstorming content and ideas for our clients. The best part about these meetings is that anyone is welcome. As our first point states, it doesn’t matter what your role may be, if you want to tune into the web design meeting as an account manager, why not?

Reaffirm and Adjust Your Mission in the New Year

Your mission statement is the foundation of who you are and how your audience sees you. At Fierce, we give our all—that means 110%. 365, 24/7. But our 110%, 365, 24/7 may look different in 2022 than in 2021. Reaffirming your mission statement is important in the new year. But adjusting that statement to meet any new goals you may have is equally as important.

Our team is excited to enter into this new year with a fresh set of creative eyes and minds. We hope your business is too. Have questions about building a creative strategy? Email [email protected] and let’s achieve those new year goals.