New Year, Same You.

January 25, 2021

The year which shall not be named is gone and a new year is among us!

As we’re still in the beginning of 2021, the familiar idea of, “New year, new me,” is in the air, but we’re here to counter that thought with another—what’s wrong with staying the same? Now we know this sounds contradictory to the marketing mindset which talks about growing and trying new things, but bare with us.

Whether you’re running an existing business or just starting out, you’re probably feeling the pressure of “what’s next” that comes with each new year. Naturally, you might come into each year thinking you have to make drastic changes to get your business to the next level. But getting your business to the next level isn’t just about the external changes, it’s about the work that happens behind the scenes as well.

We’re not saying not to think outside of the box and evolve in your business and marketing strategies, we’re simply saying there’s nothing wrong with staying true to your roots as you take those small steps to grow your business. In short, authenticity is key.

As you continue to refine your business here are some things you can think about:

Reviewing your mission and vision
It’s important to always check back in with your mission and vision. Both are crucial in determining the direction you want your business to go. The more you understand where you want to be, the better you can make goals to get there.

Strengthening brand strategy
After reviewing your mission and vision, now is the time to align and implement those goals into your strategy. What worked last year? How can you refine that to maximize your strategy this year? Sometimes it’s not about reinventing the wheel, sometimes it’s just about giving it a fresh coat of paint.

Refreshing the look of your brand
Is your brand still telling the story you want it to tell? Take some time to evaluate your brand elements, such as your logo, colors, fonts, and even your guidelines on web presence. Like we said, you don’t need to chuck your logo and start over every year, but incorporating small updates will help keep your brand fresh and modern.

Deepening relationship with customers
If one thing last year taught us, it’s that customers are looking to have an emotional connection with the businesses they are buying from. Understanding what you offer and how that aligns with what your customers are actually looking for will help you better understand their needs.

Remember, being authentic to your brand doesn’t mean you don’t take advantage of what this new year will bring for your business. It simply means keeping in mind what your customers love about you and continuously striving to be better.

Ready for this year? Let’s get to work.

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