The Fierce Take on Eight Leadership Actions

September 22, 2022

Being a boutique agency with a fairly small team, everyone needs to be a leader – show leadership within their area of expertise, which requires strong consistent actions. As we read recently in an article from Insperity there are eight actions that great leaders apply daily.

Well, this got us thinking…What do these actions mean to us? Let’s dive in and hear the Fierce Creative take.

1. Be comfortable with learning and vulnerability

Leaders must be comfortable with learning because there is always a new way to approach things, from the way you streamline project organization to the way you interact with your team. No one has all of the most efficient answers, so being a lifelong learner is what makes you a better leader and an overall better person. Similarly, vulnerability is a great trait of a leader because it makes it easier to connect to others. It shows that you’re not perfect, instead simply a human.

– Tanner Butler

2. Express appreciation for others

We’re all part of a team, and in order for that team to work at its best, everybody needs to know that they’re important and their work is valued by their teammates. It’s vital for not only leaders but peers, to reach out to their teammates and remind them how awesome they are! One of the quickest pathways to burn out is not feeling appreciated. It can be so easy to just move on to another project without acknowledging your team members’ hard work and the final product.

A little bit of encouragement can really go a long way! Drop your teammates a high five or a big woot woot next time you see some cool work even if it’s just in progress.

– Emily “Em” Lammers

3. Be present with your team

Something I always look forward to each day are the little in between moments with the team. Whether it’s just chatting about what we did over the weekend or processing a crazy client request, having those small moments to engage, listen and just be present with each other helps to create a more comfortable environment and a stronger team.

– Emily “E” Wofford

4. Practice self-care and encourage others to do the same

Prioritizing self-care has always been a struggle for me, however, over the past year I have worked to allow myself to indulge in self-care. Practicing self-care for me consists of attending workout classes, reading a book or taking myself out on a date. Allowing myself to step away and focus on myself brings me a new perspective and allows my brain to refresh. Self-care can look different for each person but the end result is so valuable to our mental and physical health. I encourage everyone to indulge in self-care and allow themselves to free their mind from the everyday stresses.

– Brittany Lavy

5. Prioritize connections – both professionally and personally

It’s important to touch base with those in your professional network to show you’re present, whether that’s showing up as a coworker, mentor, or friend! And more importantly, checking in with those in your personal life is something you should prioritize because you don’t always know when your words or presence is needed and the impact it can have on someone who may need to hear from you most. If you nurture your connections they will be more likely to show up for you when you seek them out – professionally and personally.

– Bri Mays

6. Start the day with intention

Every morning is a new opportunity to set the foundation for your day. Taking just a few moments to consider what type of day you desire to have, or what type of work atmosphere you desire to cultivate for your employees can make all the difference in your attitude going forth in that day! For me personally, I love setting the intention that I’m going to have a productive and peaceful day. Even if it doesn’t always feel that way on the outside, it sure does on the inside!

– Nya Dorsey

7. Publicly embrace the company culture, mission and values

Company culture is important in the workplace because it sets the tone and inspires others. I personally find that a healthy work environment pushes me to always want to do my best work for myself and the team.

– Mia Scaturro

8. Set boundaries for good work-life balance

Setting boundaries is important not only to make sure the time outside of work is respected, but also the hours on the clock. Stepping away and being able to truly recharge your mind and body will keep you working as smoothly as possible when you’re focused on the next big pitch or project.

– Becca Clayton

How these actions are used and interpreted may be different for each person but at the end of the day (or beginning in this case), these are eight solid actions to come back to as a daily reminder of how you can be a better leader – whether that be a leader for your team or a leader for self growth.