Consistency is the Winning Strategy to Boost Your Reach

September 13, 2022

When we approach a marketing and communication strategy for our clients, there is never a one size fits all approach that works. What works for one brand may be terribly wrong for another. But, there are often some elements that work for all brands, and consistency is a strategy that always wins.

Want to implement an effective email marketing campaign? Email your list consistently.

Want to grow your reach on Facebook? Post consistently.

Want to boost your website’s ranking on Google? Share blog posts consistently.

Whether we’re launching a new brand or onboarding a client with 30 years of experience, the first thing we do is ramp it up into high gear and get our message out there.

One great example of this is the work we do with the Building Performance Association (BPA.) We started working with them in 2020, and we’ve been sharing messages on a regular basis ever since. The result has been a 57% growth in followers on Instagram. Additionally, we’ve maintained an email open rate of 35% and a click rate of 5.56%.

Check Out A Bigger View of Results with BPA Here ›

The final bite of insight here is that the content we share must be valuable. It’s critical to find the balance between sharing consistently and sharing content your audience wants to see. More on valuable content coming soon.

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