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Women in Content are FIERCE.

We love to celebrate women in content who make positive change in the industry. We understand that representation matters and that's what makes our small and mighty agency so fierce. We are 91% female, 36% people of color and 18% members of the LGBTQ+ community.

When we came across your feature story opportunity, we immediately knew we had not just one, but three women to highlight. They are full of fierce energy and the desire to make a difference in the world of content and marketing.

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All the Details

We have all the details about three Fierce women in content on our team laid out below – stories, project samples, photos and more all included! Or, click the button below to download a document with all the info.

Kate Manfull

Owner, Fierce Creative Agency

Kate leads her team of 10 to think differently. As visual communicators, we problem solve in visual form - shapes, color, imagery and typography. We should never be limited by our circumstance, size, position or budget when it comes to ideas. She challenges everyone around her to create the best content possible. She's a groundbreaker in the industry – her ideas are outside of the box by thinking in possibilities, not capabilities. Possibilities are endless. Capabilities can be limiting to where you are at that moment. Think big, even when you’re a start up, small business or a boutique agency in the midwest. Think Fierce.

Her creative process includes listening first. What problem are we trying to solve, what audience are we trying to reach and how can we bring a visual representation of that story or solution to the intended target? She has incredibly high expectations of herself and her team. She trusts that doing good work for good people will make the world a better place, one piece at a time.

As an entrepreneur who built her business at night while raising her family fourteen years ago, she has a drive to succeed and heart to use her talents to ensure others do too. From supporting and pushing her teammates to exceed expectations for each other and our clients, to showing up in smart ways that disrupt, educate and open conversation, her fearless energy is contagious and why people gravitate towards the Fierce Creative team.

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Delivering Visual Assets for a Global Brand, Hyatt's World of Care Initiative

Kate was the project leader for the branding and campaigns of this global initiative with a positive message. Hyatt World of Care is focused on improving the environment and taking on social issues by addressing the pressing challenges faced by Hyatt’s colleagues, guests, owners, and communities and enacting meaningful change within the hospitality industry. We worked with our public relations partners to bring the visual assets from logo to social media, internal communications materials and corporate reports. She took complex content and turned it into something everyone could understand, connect with and get behind. As a result, 37,000 employees engaged with the platform’s content and nearly 70% of Hyatt’s global workforce acknowledged awareness of World of Care.

One-Pager | DEI Report

Delivering Creating for Growers Across the Globe

Not being your typical seed company, we were able to push the limits with Ahern’s content strategy. We turned this brand visually into dynamic and bold players in the industry. We developed digital assets for their events that helped them play the part and connect on another level with their growers and distributors throughout Mexico.

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Storytelling Through Infographics

Michaels (the craft store you know & love) - We turn raw data into visual stories. This infographic highlights survey data conducted by Michaels on how crafting affects our mental health.

Electrify America - We find ways to show and communicate where vehicle charging stations are across America in a user friendly guide.

Jack Daniel’s - In preparation for Black History Month, we partnered with Brown-Forman, a Jack Daniel's brand, to turn the story of Jack Daniel's first master distiller into an engaging visual. This tabletop display serves as a timeline to showcase the relationship Jack Daniel had with Nathan "Nearest" Green, the person who taught Jack how to distill. While this piece was created for Jack Daniel's Black History Month communications this February, it will be used throughout the year to continuously tell this story and celebrate history.

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Nya Dorsey

Account Coordinator, Fierce Creative Agency

Nya is a writer at heart, and good writing is what drives content marketing. Her perspective challenges the norm and delivers well-planned content in the form of storytelling, providing our clients with a voice and identity.

She’s a young strategist who understands the impact of content marketing. When she starts a project, she always goes in through the lens of the audience she is talking to. She believes the more you understand your audience, the better you can create messages that resonate with them—catering not only to what they want, but what they need specifically from you! Nya thinks it’s very easy in the marketing world to get caught up in trying to sell, sell, sell, and of course that’s important, because realistically that’s the end goal. However she believes, it’s not always the witty ad copy that gets them—it’s the relationship you build with them through the stories you create. No matter what she does, she always seeks to tell a story.

When asked, Nya would say creatively she likes to deconstruct and reconstruct her thoughts. She starts by pulling out the main pieces of the story (content) she needs. She then tries to see if she were the audience, what would she need to know, what would she want to know, basically what all is important to her. She then works to understand how all of those pieces can work together in one cohesive theme. Once she gets the overall message or theme she’s going for, she starts piecing together the messaging and filling in the holes throughout.

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Creative Content Examples

NDBS-Socials-Sept2021-01 (1)
An Early Storyteller in a Breakthrough Industry, Indoor Farming

National Design Build Services (NDBS) is a leader in the HVAC Mechanical Services Industry. They find themselves in the unique position of being at the forefront of the new indoor farming industry. This gives us a great opportunity to be one of the first to start telling those stories and inviting others to be a part of the conversation. This project was exciting because there wasn’t much to start with. And this wasn’t the flowery copy that we’re used to with some projects. This was complex and needed a lot more thought to keep it sounding credible, yet inviting. We had to research and go into those spaces where they were talking about it and figure out how to adapt that for our client, making it authentic. When thinking about the audience, the strategy here was to understand personally why this industry was important. What need is being met? Once we discovered that, that’s the story we told. Not only was indoor farming itself a solution to a world-need, but NDBS is the solution you need to start that process of having your own indoor farm.

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Community Resources to Provide Support and Destigmatize Substance Use Disorder

The Missouri overdose rate is 30% higher than the U.S. average. Nya immersed herself into this project in order to tell the real story. She scheduled interviews and got the stories, did the research to find local resources. Beyond just writing the content.

She developed content that provides education about what substance use disorder is, ways family and friends can help those in need, resources for treatment and first-hand stories. The final product – a newly-launched website in 2022 and a print guide that was released in 2021.

RecoverySCC.org Live Site | Community Resource Guide

The Stories of an Environmentally-Friendly Kitchen

Giving locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients a voice. Back in November of 2020, our client, Flavor 360 had a spontaneous and exciting idea to develop a Thanksgiving side offering. With only two weeks before the holiday, our team had to act fast and think about the best strategy to maximize the time and resources we had. We have previously spoken about doing some micro-influencer work locally and Nya went full-force with it. From developing graphics, eNews and a specific landing page to promote the sides, to contacting and coordinating with the micro-influencers we ended up having a solid plan and it was a great success for Flavor’s first ever thanksgiving sides offering.

The results? 2,000+ impressions and a 20% follower increase.

Social Media Graphics | Menu Page | Influencer Posts

Rebecca Clayton

Visual Media Producer, Fierce Creative Agency

Becca communicates her clients’ stories by creating meaningful video content – whether that be animations or motion graphics. She understands how powerful videos and animations are in bringing a client’s vision to reality.

She starts her process by first visualizing the content she wants to create and capture, building that content story out on paper and then “lights, camera, action” – shooting, editing and making the story come to life!

Becca is inspired most by imagery. When she thinks of stories, she sees the scene first and then dives into what story would be happening there. If she sees the soccer field at Family Arena where the Ambush play for crowds every weekend, Becca imagines the game nerves of the players, the energy of the crowd waiting for a goal, or the explosive celebration after a nail-biting win. Then she asks herself, “How do I show those emotions, technically and creatively? With composition or lighting? Or even camera movement and settings?”

She believes that when making an animation, the process is the same. What colors, motions, compositions or sound effects will help portray the emotion of the piece she is sharing? In BPA’s Earth Day piece, Becca tried to be a bit more abstract with the way she approached the motion design, staying monotone in color but exploring the possibilities of motion, and how those align with each topic in the video.

Overall, the one thing video has that other mediums don’t, is motion. Instead of thinking on a 2D platform, video opens up 3D. At the very base of every project she does, she asks herself, is this telling a story in a way a photo, graphic design, or piece of copy cannot? Most often, this factor is distinguished by the way the camera and content work together.

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Creative Content Examples

Running the Sidelines at Professional Soccer Games

Our seasonal work for the St. Louis Ambush, a professional soccer team in the St. Louis metro area, was an ongoing effort to support the weekly game recaps shared on social media and monthly hype videos used before each home game. This high energy storytelling helped double their home game attendance (from 1,200 to 2,300) and doubled their social engagement on each of their social media channels, with over 2.7 million impressions on Facebook. Becca’s pivotal role was jumping into the tight-knit soccer community to capture footage, edit quickly and produce stories the audience loves to see.

Announcing a Rebrand

DHR needed a video to help announce their recent rebrand. Becca supported this from script development, editing, and motion graphics on a tight deadline to share at their in-person event. DHR is a talent acquisition and leadership consulting company, working to evolve leadership in companies across the globe.

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Working With a National Association to Promote Clean Energy

To call attention to and support the various home development professionals who work to incorporate green energy and practice into their projects every day, Becca knew an animation was the right storytelling element.

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