Kate Manfull

Kate Manfull headshot

As Creative Director and Content Strategist, Kate has been bringing new storytelling techniques and creative solutions through visual content for her clients for over 16 years. She built her career as a visual communicator in advertising, video production and public relations. She seeks out the human connection with a brand and works to then develop…

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Tanner Butler

Tanner Butler headshot

Have a question about grammar, sentence structure or AP Style? Tanner Butler has you covered. When you see Tanner at his desk, he’s spending his time implementing marketing strategies, writing blog posts, crafting email marketing campaigns and publishing posts on social. Catch him behind the keyboard writing a brand messaging guide and pulling that through…

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Nya Dorsey

Nya Dorsey headshot

A pen + a piece of paper + Nya Dorsey = magic. Well, she usually uses a keyboard, but you get the point. As our content writer, Nya’s main gig at Fierce is creating content for blog posts, email campaigns and just about anything else. You might find her scrolling through Instagram throughout the day,…

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Rebecca Clayton

Rebecca Clayton headshot

And…Action! Rebecca Clayton is behind the camera capturing the scene. Becca is our subject matter expert when it comes to video. She’s our video producer from start to finish–getting the footage and making the final cuts. She also helps tell brand stories through animations and motion graphics. Some days, she’s even editing podcasts. Becca finds…

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Kayla Szymanski

Kayla Szymanski headshot

Kayla is the lively coordinator behind the scenes, keeping the Fierce chaos in check. Despite being new to the workforce, her impact on the Fierce hustle is undeniable. If there’s anyone who embodies the work hard, play hard mentality, it’s Kayla. Her vibrant energy and unique perspective bring a breath of fresh air to the…

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Emily Wofford

Emily Wofford headshot

Emily Wofford is one of leading web designers and developers on the Fierce Creative Agency team. One of two Emilys on our team, we call her “E” for short. In addition to web design and development, E is an animator and graphic designer. You can catch her telling stories through motion graphics, building websites for…

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Nikki Napolitano

Nikki Napolitano headshot

The coordinator behind many successful projects at Fierce is Nikki Napolitano! She spends her days working with clients to deliver top-notch project management, social media strategy, website maintenance, overall marketing direction and more. From bringing new ideas in a team meeting to writing a blog post, she brings great energy every day for our clients.…

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Mia Scaturro

Mia Scaturro headshot

Catch Mia Scaturro with an iPad in hand creating her next great illustration! As a graphic designer on the Fierce team, Mia helps brands stand out with her fresh perspective. She spends her days creating logo designs, social media graphics, infographics, print ads and so much more. She stays inspired by continuously illustrating and drawing…

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Emily Lammers

She’s creative. She’s a dog lover. She’s our lead designer—Emily Lammers, Em for short because Emily is just too long. As a web designer and front-end web developer specializing in creating custom web sites, Em spends her days at Fierce working on some of the coolest websites we’ve ever seen. She also can be found…

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Chelsey Banaskavich

Chelsey refers to herself as the “Cruise Ship Director” at an organization because she likes order and structure, but never forgets to have a good time. Chelsey currently serves as a Client Relationship Manager for Fierce Creative Agency leveraging organizational, communication, and client service skills. Prior to joining the Fierce team in Spring 2023, Chelsey…

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